Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The World Of Small

I have chosen the topic of my blog 'The World Of Small' to indicate the world reigned by Quantum Mechanics. The advent of the Twentieth Century brought two EXTREME WORLDS- the world of the big -the world explainable by the Einstein's Relativity and a little later -the world of the small- the world governed by Quantum Mechanics. The groundbreaking 1905 paper by Albert Einstein on the Special Theory of Relativity and his 1916 paper on General Relativity are the two seminal papers which lead one towards the world of the big. On the other hand, the great works by Bohr, Schrodinger, Heisenberg and Dirac laid the strong and sound foundation of Quantum Mechanics which lead one to the world of the small. Here I would like to mention that the Quantum theory of radiation- the radiation by a black body is not continuous but in the form of quanta or packets was already given by Max Planck!

I have started this blog as a student who is learning and trying to learn more towards the world of the small but I am equally interested towards the world of the big too, so in this sense I am more interested to see a sound marriage between the BIG and the SMALL (to understand the world better way) - as the one put forward by the great physicist Stephen Hawking - The Quantum Theory of Gravity.

Hey, it's a start !

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Bohr N said...

Good start,but needs much effort to make things understandable.I think there is no way of making Quantum mechanics easy to understand.So what I think is Men can not understand this scienc what really it means,they just use it to get some result ,just like using (a+b)3 formula by a 4th grader.