Tuesday, January 13, 2009

God does not play dice with the universe !

No one can say for sure which face is turned up when a dice is rolled in a game of dice. One can say something like - the chance of getting a 6 in a single roll of a dice is 1/6 and so on. Quantum physics also deals with the probability of occurrence of some event or existence of something rather than the certainty of it. In most of the cases, we find the probability of occurrence of any quantum mechanical event or the uncertainty that exists in its measurement. Heisenberg, Born and other quantum physicists were in favor of the probabilistic nature of the atomic and subatomic phenomena which Einstein did not like. In his disagreements of such 'may be' kind of thing, Einstein said that - 'God does not play dice with the universe'.
But the winner were the quantum physicists in the sense that the probabilistic nature of quantum physics was shown experimentally and a new discipline was established !
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Dale ritter said...

That's an interesting topic since the exact probability of specific picotechnical structures or events is the horizon of many quantum physics analyses. The question may be looked at by wavefunction modeling of ultramicro scales to develop images for electromagnetic photons, heat, or electron topology and that approach will require that an atomic topological function have intrinsic animation by a probability function.
A molecular or material reaction's picomodel will hold validity if it's wavefunction basis includes an implicit, definable probability function for all points.
That reasoning leads to a model of probability as a field akin to that of the chronons impelling time, hence the function should be integrable for atomic or wave events. A CRQT (Clough Relative Quantum Topological) function network does all of that, and the results are in fact eigenfunctions which exponentiate the probability of existence of any single energy waveparticle in an atom's volume to predict the animated topology of it's electron shells and outer 5/2 k heat capacity energy cloud.
The probability of heat, magnetic field, and workon particles are diplayed in a unified system online at: http://www.symmecon.com .

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