Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quantum Biology

If there is something very complex and mysterious in nature, that should be the creation of 'life' from 'non-living' atoms and molecules. How is life created out of these atoms and molecules? Keeping the identity from generation to generation with slight modifications in each generation is a real mystery. No two individuals are exactly identical ! 'Thinking ability' or 'intelligence' is a superior quality that humans have; how does this work? Will classical thoughts and laws be enough to solve this mystery or should quantum physics come into play to address this problem ? Erwin Schrodinger, a pioneer of Quantum Physics wrote 'What is life?' in the 1930s and has expressed his thoughts about this in this book. What is BEYOND there than what we think about life?

Let's consider the living beings around us. There are lives of all kinds in nature and they are going this way from millions of years in the past. What forms of life were there in the start of life? It might be an assembly of some materials in a little microscopic pouch which showed some signs - movement, being two or more from the single existing one in the course of time, absorbing some water or air, etc, etc. At first what stimulated the formation of this pouch out of the those non-living atoms? There is another mystery there of atoms and its constituents but for now lets assume that the atoms were already there for some reason. Why did that pouch need to proliferate? Why did it start moving?

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